Apparently 'how to be popular'..

Now A-L is 'trying' to be popular.. :/ why does it matter..? any way earlier today 'SUMMER--x' posted a topic 'how to be popular' many people agreed that it was true!, but what do you think.. to see the whole topic go to this link:

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Uhhh.. Fans :/

Lately in A-L many people have been getting 'Fans!', which are people copying there user name and writing 'fan' at the end, why can't people just get there own account and stop annoying others..? Well I guess people in A-L asked for DRAMA! and they got it...

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July Hotbuys!

The July hotbuys will be in the shops soon!.. these clothes/accessories are different but I think I like them!, my favorite is properly the beach hat!.

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Yehh We Get It..

Lately the A-L discussion bored has been filled with topics saying 'Im ...........'. from the one person..! this is getting annoying.. like seriously don't they have something better to write about..? :/

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A-L want more drama.. O:

A-L want more drama.. O:
Today many people were making topics demanding for more drama!, Well what do you expect... Yes there was a lot of drama going on..

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Not Another Parent...

Oh no!,
Not another 'fake parent' on stardoll, but I must admit it is quite hilarious they think we are going to believe they are a 'real parent'. The newest fake parent poser is 'Your.Own.Mother.'.

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who is Rockin' the new hairstyles!..

As you know stardoll has some new hairstyle's and I have chosen some people who are rockin' the new hairstyles! [[:

Breanna357: Is rockin' the lovely short brunette bob.
cutepiemormer: Is rockin' the outrageous blue wavy hair.
Neon.Princess: Is rockin' the funky short black hairstyle.


Rumors about 'Shoffocake'..

In A-L there is many rumors that 'Shoffocake.' is 'C0Rii R0X'... but I don't believe the rumors at all, I mean know one has any Real Proof that he is a girl.. recently the A-L discussion bored has been full of topics about 'Shoffocake.'
. 'AnnabelleChong' has apparently done a ip check and said the ip's are the same.

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'Popular Lists'..

Here We Go Again...
Today Animal-Lovers, discussion bored was filled with topics 'about popular people' & 'am I popular' & also 'Popular Lists'. These topics are pathetic and annoying.. but what can I say no one is ever going to stop with the 'popular topics'.

Latest Trend [[:

The latest trend around stardoll would have to be
[[shutter shades]].

The awesome thing about them is, you can get them in 6 awesome colours. [[: